Valley closes out IFL State Debate Tournament

West Des Moines Valley High School closed out the semifinal round of the 2013 Iowa High School Forensic League State Debate Tournament, finishing in first through sixth place.

Top seeds and co-champions were Jason Smith and Lucy Korsakov. Third through sixth seeds were: Nanticha Lutt, Gina Scorpiniti, Megan Nubel, and Grady Stein. Megan Nubel won the Tina Wang Memorial Top Speaker award.

Full results:


WDM Valley GrSt defeats Bettendorf JB (Jon Bai)

Bettendorf TA defeats WDM Indian Hills CT (Conal Thomas-McGinnis)

Okoboji JA defeats WDM Indian Hills TF (TJ Foley)


WDM Valley LK defeats Okoboji JA (Jack Ave)

WDM Valley JS defeats Bettendorf TA (Taylor Amey)

WDM Valley GS over WDM Valley MN (Megan Nubel)

WDM Valley NL over WDM Valley GrSt (Grady Stein


WDM Valley JS (Jason Smith)

WDM Valley LK (Lucy Korsakov)

WDM Valley NL (Nanticha Lutt)

WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti)

  • 9gag army

    le valley le totally LE TROLLED this tournament le good job valley XD ur a great debait school XleD

    • Concerned Citizen

      was this post necessary

  • Thanks again to Valley Southwoods for hosting the tournament! Congrats Valley on the win for yet another year!

  • Honestly this is so cool. Congrats Valley!!

  • Valley domination at its finest