Danny DeBois Wins 2014 Tournament of Champions

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Lexington, KY- Congratulations to Harrison High School’s Danny DeBois and Loyola’s Chris Kymn for reaching the final round of the 2014 Tournament of Champions. On a 3-0 decision (McGinnis, Zhu, Weisberg) Danny was declared the champion! Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Henry Zhang. Chris is coached by Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Bob Overing, Tom Placido, Tim McHugh, Ashan Peiris, Adam Bistagne, and Benjamin Koh.

Run-off Round

22. Greenhill VA def. 11. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji) (Legried, Pak, Theis)

12. Palo Alto TC def. Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) (Koh, Evnen, Millman)

20. Sacred Heart AT def. 13. Harvard Westlake AK (Annie Kors) (Woods, Kaczmarek, *Zhang)

14. Collegiate AO def. 19. Loyola MG (McKay Giller) (Zack Parker, Stewart, *Wheeler)

16. Newark Science CQ def. 17. Clements RG (Rebecca Gelfer) (Biel, Boyer, Vincent)

18. PV Peninsula AJ def. 15. University DB (David Branse) (Castillo, Gorthey, *Tarsney)


1. La Jolla RP def. Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz) (*Niemi,  Nails, Wheeler)

2. Harrison DD def. 18. Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan) (*Alston, Cowger, Gorthey)

3. Northland Christian SH def. 14. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue) (Theis, *Hertzig, Randall)

4. SLP LS def. 20. Sacred Hutt AT (Adam Tomasi) (Legried, Niemi, Wright)

12. Palo Alto TC def. 5. Carlbrook CB (Carlton Bone) (Shmikler, Harris,  Millman)

6. Walt Whitman JL def. 22. Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) (*Tartakovsky, Nails, Walker)

10. Peninsula AT def. 7. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene) (Evnen, Castillo, Overing)

8. Loyola CK def. 9. Randolph NC (Nathan Cha) (Evnen, Massey, *Weisberg)


8. Loyola CK def. 1. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (Shmikler, *Gorthey, Tierney)

2. Harrison DD def. 10. PV Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) (Vincent, Randall, Weisberg)

6. Walt Whitman JL def. 3. Northland Christian SH (Shania Hunt) (Scoggin, Legried, Jenn Melin)

4. SLP LS def. 12. Palo Alto TC (Travis Chen) (*Evnen, Kawahara, Eric Melin)


8. Loyola CK def. 4. SLP LS (Leah Shapiro) (Evnen, *Massey, Zhang)

2. Harrison DD def. 6. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy) (Legried, Weisberg, Zhu)


2. Harrison DD def. Loyola CK (Chris Kymn) (McGinnis, Weisberg, Zhu)

Champion: Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)



1. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) – Walter Alan Ulrich Award

2. Harrison DD (Danny DeBois)

3. Loyola CK (Chris Kymn)

4. Northland Christian SH (Shania Hunt)

5. SLP LS (Leah Shapiro)

6. Carlbrook CB (Carlton Bone)

7. Randolph NC (Nathan Cha)

8. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy)

9. Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene)

10. PV Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe)

11. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji)

12. Palo Alto TC (Travis Chen)

13. Harvard Westlake AK (Annie Kors)

14. Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue)

15. University DB (David Branse)

16. Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz)

17. Clements RG (Rebecca Gelfer)

18. PV Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan)

19. Loyola MG (McKay Giller)

20. Bronx Science DM (Daiya Massac)


  • anonanon

    Will any videos be posted from the tournament?

    • BenjaminKoh

      Yes they will! Drew Burd and Mikael Haress been so great to have taken videos throughout the tournament and we’ll post them as soon as we can.

      If anybody else has videos from TOC please let me know.

  • alex smith

    Congrats to everyone who did well at the TOC, especially those of you whom I taught in lab or had the pleasure to judge over the last few years. Special shout out to Ram Prasad, who did a really remarkable job of representing La Jolla High School (and San Diego debate more broadly) these last few years. Go Vikings!

  • Paras Kumar

    Congrats to SRIKAR PYDA on concluding a fantastic career! I still remember the pug faced sophomore who was definitely the most socially awkward kid on Harker’s LD team and a K fanatic. You’ve come a long way both in terms of how scrubby you were and in terms of how pudgy you looked. Qualling to the TOC is no joke and you should be proud of the progress you made in the span of 3 years my friend. Can’t wait to see how Duke changes you in the years to come.

    Congrats to Chris on concluding a fantastic career. I remember judging you on a util terrorism debate at VBI in 2011 and thinking damn, this kid could be good. You blew me away in the redos you did that night in Socrates hour. Then I remember judging you during the season your sophomore year and being so disappointed cuz all you did was read and you got crushed! And then I judged you your junior year in out rounds of Berkeley and was like holy shit, chris kymn has arrived. Your 2N in that round is still one of the most dominant, impressive speeches I’ve ever heard. The countless util debates we had last summer are some of the most OG speeches I’ve ever heard. You deserve all the success you’ve had and are a model for younger debaters both in terms of how you debated and how you conducted yourself.

    Congrats to Freshman Trav on quarters and a sustained period of excellence. Other than your dubs round at Stanford when you told me, ashan and oliver that women had recourse from domestic violence because they could go walk there dogs (…), you were consistently impressive. You made Bob work hard in quarters as a sophomore on the CX checks debate, which was crazy cuz Bob was hands down the best theory debater that year. You won MBA, VBT, probably a bunch of other shit, and were overall just really good at every aspect of debate. But remember, GO BEARS!

    Congrats to Cbone. Went to 2 tournaments your junior and senior year. Both happened to be TOC. You just showed up and got to octos. Remarkable to say the least. I feel like TOC should let you back next year just so we can see if you can make it a 3-peat. That should be part of the conditions everyone signs to come back to TOC. Also we gotta go visit Wes next yr when you are in portland and come hangout with me in Berkeley!

    Congrats to Ram on the end of a dominant season. I remember judging you finals of CPS novice and you talking about values and shit with your briefcase. I also remember thinking, damn, this kids 15 and grows a full on beard. I’m 19 and I’m still at peach fuzz. You definitely get bragging rights for most dominant debater San Diego has ever seen! That’s something you should be proud of cuz San Diego’s produced some pretty successful debaters (Smitty, Vivian, Cameron, Colin, Ilya, Brennan, Erwin, Naveen, Matt, Kevin Pratt) over the last 8 years.

    Last but not least, congrats to Pranu (or should I congratulate Pranu Jr?) on a really successful junior year and sorry you lost the break round. Next year you won’t have to worry about no break round.

  • mcgin029

    Congratulations to both debaters, and to all the elim participants. That was a really great final round — a close decision that came down to finer points of strategy reflecting the brilliant talent of both debaters. It was a privilege to judge.

  • Debate1

    Hopefully this board can be more comforting than the last. The last thing we need here is another flame war. Congrats, Danny!

  • Eric Palmer

    I’d like to offer some congratulatory remarks:

    First off, congratulations to Danny for concluding a tremendous career in epic fashion, and to his coach, Chetan Hertzig, on what I’m sure will not be his last title as a coach.

    Congrats to Chris “Chip” Kymn for reaching finals, and to the whole Loyola crew — Michael Overing, John Scoggin, Bob Overing, Tom Placido, Tim McHugh, Ashan Peiris, Adam Bistagne, and Benjamin Koh — for running one of the nation’s premier programs (and, particular props are owed to JScogg, who is now, I think, obviously to be numbered among the finest coaches in the game).

    And congrats to the other veterans of the Scoggin/Shmikler/Palmer/L. Liu lab who reached elims (Jess “Hutt” Levy, Ram “Kobe” Prasad, Adam “Lab Leader” Tomasi, Ben “Schmear” Ulene, and McKay “Noah Newman” Giller), to Salim Damerdji for representing the Mountain in the run-off, to Nathan Cha for coming on strong at the end of his career, and to Carlton Bone for reaching elims once again to cap off what must certainly be recognized as one of the most remarkable careers in the history of LD.

    Finally, thanks to my graduating Whitman seniors — Jess Levy, Daisy Massey, and Yael Caplan. You were a pleasure to work with, and I am proud to have coached all of you. Props, in particular, to Jess for the semis run and for your work as an advocate for women in debate, to Daisy for elite performance throughout the year and for founding Access Debate, and to Yael for making it to the TOC in such a short career.

    • Emily Massey

      I’d also like to congratulate our Whitman seniors. I am so proud of how you conducted yourselves this weekend and throughout your careers, and of how you worked together this year. Yael, you had some fantastic wins this year, and you were always such a pleasure to coach. You deserved to be at the TOC and I was very glad to have you there. Jessica and Daisy, you’ve grown incredibly since 8th grade and it’s hard for me to imagine coaching the team next year without you on it. Jessica, congrats on semis and all the other successes you’ve had throughout your career. I knew your hard work for this tournament would pay off! Coaching you was a lot of fun, even when you thought my jokes were dumb. Daisy, congrats on a fantastic career–quarters of Bronx, finals of Blake, 6 bids, and much more. You had what must have been one of the hardest draws at the tournament and came out of it with some big wins and great rounds. More importantly, you got the lasting things out of debate (and no, I’m not referring to real-world policymaking education). Thanks for letting me coach you. It’s been one of my favorite things about the last five years.

      I’d also like to thank my fellow coaches. Jeremy, thanks for running practices all year. Michael, I couldn’t be happier about our decision to bring you on board. You’ve been so much fun to coach with, and I love being able to rely on you for brilliant ideas and hilarious comments. Finally, Eric, congratulations on the end of your outstanding coaching career. I’m glad you’ll be staying involved to run NSD and to support charities and other debate advocacy. I’ve been incredibly lucky to coach with you for these last four years–I think I’ve learned at least as much as I did in my four years as a debater. You’re a great mentor and a loyal friend, and I’ll miss coaching with you next year.

      Finally finally, congratulations to everyone else whose careers ended this weekend. In particular, to Ben Ulene, one of the nicest kids in the activity, whom I had the pleasure of coaching last year, and to all the kids I’ve taught in labs over the years.

  • tlonam

    Congratulations to Sam and Nikhil for wrapping up great careers in stylish fashion. I couldn’t be more proud of y’all and what you have accomplished as debaters and people. I knew my constant and unrelenting teasing (Nikhil might say torture) would, in part, lead to such great success! But in all seriousness, you two are going to do amazing things at Bowdoin and Indiana and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

    • cosmarchy

      Nikhil gives the greatest 2ARs debate has ever seen. They do what they need to do.

      Seriously though, you coached two great kids to the TOC. With the exception of Sam, they were a pleasure to judge this year.

  • Erik Baker

    A huge congrats to everyone but especially Salim for breaking, an incredibly hard-working, smart, and committed debater who is consistently impressive and always has his heart in the right place. I’m really proud of everything you’ve done this year.

    There’s clearly a ton of anger and negativity right now but let’s try to focus on the students’ accomplishments, which are impressive and worth appreciating.

  • ipgunn

    Congratulations, Danny, on a well-deserved championship and a phenomenal year! Really enjoyed watching you develop as a debater and judging you these last few years. And congrats to everyone else who broke at TOC