New Vids! Stanford Finals, Berkeley Sems, UT Octos

3 new videos! Follow the links below and enjoy!

Stanford Finals: PV Peninsula AT v La Jolla RP

Berkeley Semifinals: Los Altos SD vs Northland Christian SH

Octos UT: Kinkaid TG vs Strake AlTo

  • Debater

    I am so glad these videos are being posted, they are a big help. However, my question is- why is arguably the most educational part of the round, the judge RFD(s), not filmed/included in the videos? It seems like these videos could be even more beneficial if the RFD was included. But nevertheless, a huge thank-you to the cameramen/NSD staffers for making these national circuit rounds more accessible.

    • Drew Burd

      Because some of the judges don’t want their RFDs recorded, just like how
      people don’t have to be recorded if they don’t want to. I have recorded
      some RFDs; however, in the end the debaters didn’t want me to post the

  • Guest

    The second video’s link is broken.