Andrew O’Donohue Wins the 2014 Columbia Invitational


New York, NY- Congratulations to Collegiate’s Andrew O’Donohue for defeating Scarsdale’s Noah Thaler to win the 2014 Columbia Invitational. Andrew is coached by Aracelis Biel and Mark Gorthey. Noah is coached by Joe Vaughan, Joseph Millman, Sam Mathews, and Coach Doug.



Scarsdale NT def. Bronx JS (John Staunton) (Zaman, Joplin, Meleta)

Regis AK def. Scarsdale GD (Gabriel Dolsten) (Thomas, Wang, *Trevett)

Byram Hills AJ def. Thomas Jefferson AR (Aneesh Reddy) (Kasinki, Curtis, Zhou)

Timothy Christian DL def. Cary HH (Hannah Hubbard) (Tomasi, *Bugnacki, Hertzig)

Hunter College SC def. Timothy Christian AK (Ashley Kim) (Kasinki, Shaner, Bhat)

Scarsdale CB def. Bronx Science DR (Diganta Rashed) (*Curtis, Meleta, Kuzmenko)

Hunter College DL def. Scarsdale DR (Danielle Rader) (Koh, Han, *Shaner)

LaGuardia LM def. Westlake AB (Aswin Bikkani) (Garofalo, Selegzi, Gellen)

Hunter College BL def. Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger) (Thomas, *Roth, Wang)

Harrison DD def. Scarsdale GA (Gustaf Ahdritz) (Gorthey, Bhat, Selegzi)

Scarsdale MB def. Thomas Jefferson SG (Shreyas Garg) (Reginald, Singh, Kuzmenko)

Lexington AS def. Regis AA (Andrew Aoyama) (Zaman, Katz, Koh)

Cary PA def. Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) (*Han, Bugnacki, Misquitta)

Harrison AG def. Bronx Science ID (Isis Davis-Marks) (Gorthey, Reginald, *Bikkani)

Stuyvesant SV def. Newark Science AF (Adegoke Fakorede) (Joplin, Zhou, Singh)

Collegiate AO def. Stuyvesant KW (Kathy Wang) (Katz, Trevett, Applewhaite)



Scarsdale NT def. Harrison AG (Amy Geller) (*Lowe, Singh, Shaner)

Collegiate AO def. Regis AK (Alexander Koniuta)

Timothy Christian DL def. Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) (Joplin, Srinivasan, Tomasi)

Scarsdale CB def. LaGuardia LM (Lena Mandell)

Lexington AS def. Hunter College DL (Danny Li) (Katz, *Wang, Bikkani)

Hunter College BL def. Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) (Han, Meleta, *Koh)

Harrison DD def. Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) (Gorthey, Bhat, Carroll)

Stuyvesant SV def. Cary PA (Puj Adusumilli) (Gellen, *Kuzmenko, Holmes)




Scarsdale NT def. Hunter College BL (Ben Laufer) (Curtis,  Bhat, *Meleta)

Collegiate AO def. Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt) (*Kasinki, Joplin, Shaner)

Timothy Christian DL def. Lexington AS (Achal Srinivasan) (Katz, Wang, Koh)

Harrison DD def. Stuyvesant SV (Sweyn Venderbush) (Gorthey, Erlanger, Kuzmenko)


Scarsdale NT vs. Timothy Christian DL (Gorthey, Joplin, Koh)

Collegiate AO vs. Harrison DD (*Kahn, Kuzmenko, Shaner)





1) Danny Li- Hunter College

2) Danny DeBois- Harrison

3) Andrew O’Donohue- Collegiate

4) Noah Thaler- Scarsdale

5) Charlie Blatt- Scardale

6) Amos Jeng- Byram Hills

7) Elyssa Alfieri- Harrison

8) Michael Bogaty- Scarsdale

9) Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart

10) Alexander Koniuta- Regis

11) Achal Srinivasan- Lexington

12) Sarah Cogan- Hunter College

13) Sweyn Venderbush- Stuyvesant

14) Isis Davis-Marks- Bronx Science

15) Ashley Kim- Timothy Christian

16) Ben Laufer- Hunter College

17) Amy Geller- Harrison

18) Daniel Lufty- Timothy Christian

19) Lena Mandell- LaGuardia

20) Andrew Aoyama- Regis


  • BenjaminKoh

    Just wanted to throw out a couple shoutouts: Amos Jeng for getting ever closer to his 2nd bid (you’re super talented, you can do this)- Paul Erlanger who’s now broken at 3 out of the last 4 bid tournaments he’s been to as a soph- Danny Li and Daniel Lufty for being 2 of the most stellar debaters I’ve seen this year (it’ll be an atrocity if you guys don’t get your bids, but you’ve impressed me every time)- Noah for making judging without sleep a nevertheless fun experience- and Andrew on continuing his ridiculous season.

    This tournament was incredibly competitive for a finals bid. Maybe it deserves a bump up in bid level next year because of that?

  • Confused

    Could someone from tab give an official explanation for something that happened at this tournament?

    In round 1, a certain debater, who goes to a large school, was given a loss against a small school debater. Tab then, at some point, decided to change the ballot to a win for the large school debater and loss for his opponent. The explanation several people heard was that the ballot was filled out wrong and that the comments on the ballot indicated that the judge wished to vote for the big school debater. However, the ballot, which is now posted on, seems to clearly indicate that the judge deliberately gave a low point win to the big school debater. Nothing on the ballot suggests otherwise. When the result was changed by tab, the speaker points remained the same, meaning it was no longer a low-point win. This is despite the fact that the low-point win line was checked on the ballot. While it is possible that there is a very legitimate explanation for this, it definitely seems somewhat strange. For the sake of transparency, it would be nice if an official explanation could be given.

    • tlonam

      This is a really inappropriate way to talk about this situation. You are essentially subtweeting about the tab staff of regional bid tournament on an online forum – what good do you think will come of this? All this has the potential to do is get people to gossip and then forget all about it and go on with their lives. It seems like a far more productive way to deal with this would be to either email tab or talk to the judge and/or the debaters from the round.

  • Here is the bracket. Achal and I will try to update it as results come out: