Danny DeBois Wins the 2014 Harvard Invitational



Cambridge, MA- Congratulations to repeat winner Harrison’s Danny DeBois for defeating University’s David Branse  to win the 2014 Harvard Invitational (Chernick, Parker, Wexler). Danny is coached by Chetan Hertzig and Henry Zhang. David is coached by Steven Schappaugh and Tom Evnen.


1) Sacred Heart AT def. 64) Newark Science SS (SunHee Simon) (McElwain, Posner, Reichle)

2) Harrison DD def. 63) Annie Wright AV (Anisha Vora) (Alston, Aoyama, Shah)

3) Peninsula AT def. 62) Reagan LB (Luciano Barraza) (Kuang, Parker, Segal)

61) University DB def. 4) Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy) (Liu, *Richards, Struver)

60) Woodlands VM def. 5) Loyola CK (*Wheeler, Mogilanski, Ruppert)

59) Scarsdale NT def. 6) Lake Highland RS (Rikhav Shah) (Yi, Robins, *Shedd)

7) Evanston EW def. 58) Ridge AM (Arianna Montero-Colbert) (Ditzian, Hobbs, Joplin)

8) HW AK def. 57) Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLao) (Tarsney, Biel, *Ho)

9) Randolph NC def. 56) Ft. Lauderdale TT (Troy Thisler) (Adegbite, Donohue, Meleta)

55) Byram Hills AJ def. 10) Hopkins CK (Claire Kueffner) (Reddy, Ahlstrom, Garofalo)

54) Eastside Catholic TD def. 11) Bronx Science DMa (Daiya Massac) (Tartakovsky, Guthrie, *Maniguet)

12) La Jolla RP def. 53) Durham DB (Derek Brown) (Woods, Chernick, Kelly)

52) SLP DC def. 13) Lake Highland NN (Nikhil Nandu) (Massey, Bailey, Wright)

14) Lexington PC def. 51) Bronx CL (Carolyn Lau) (Millman, Leavoy, Sprung-Keyser)

15) Lexington DA def. 50) Trinity Prep MP (Mathew Pregasen) (Koh, Ross, Angela Zhang)

49) Woodlands AC def. 16) Bronx JS (John Staunton) (Wexler, Choi, Sanford)

17) Hunter College DL def. 48) Byram Hills AC (Alyaa Chace) (Kuo, Adler, Inoue)

18) Peninsula AJ def. 47) Park EP (Emily Portugese) (Gorthey, Brown, Dallas)

19) Marcus LH def. 46) Collegeiate NE (Nathan Ewing-Crystal) (Roth, Rutter, Williams)

20) Walt Whitman DM def. 45) Peninsula JZ (James Zhang) (Evnen, Gunn, Zhan)

21) Collegiate AO def. 44) Oxbridge NV (Nalin Vattigunta) (Davis, Colling, Hertzig)

22) Palo Alto TC def. 43) Timothy Christian DL (Daniel Lufty) (Zhang, Jai, Szulanski)

42) Stony Point RJ def. 23) Benjamin N Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis) (*Smith, Molloy, Shields)

24) Scarsdale RG over 41) Scarsdale CB (Charlie Blatt)

40) Scarsdale BU def. 25) Hockaday CN (Chloe Naguib) (Franklin, Coltin, *Schwab)

39) Newark Science CQ def. 26) Cypress Woods XX (Xixiang Xiong) (Waks, Gans, *Robison)

27) SLP LS def. 38) Montville JM (James Min) (Cooper, Davis, Roberts)

28) Hunter SC def. 37) Regis JJ (Julien Johnson) (Hom, Lyons, *Pierson)

29) Hopkins SG def. 36) Evanston CT (Carlos Taylor) (Norris, Arase, Chotalla)

35) Trinity Prep AR def. 30) University SJ (Saahil Jain) (Calhoun, Gigot, Weisberg)

34) Hunter College BL def. 31) Grapevine AY (Alexander Yoakum) (Kristof, *Fanning, Kuzmenko)

32) Scarsdale TC def. 33) North Allegheny MA (Massil Adnani) (Goldberg, Cromp, Lindner)




32) Scarsdale TC def. 1) Sacred Heart AT (Adam Tomasi) (*Weisberg, Koh, Liu)

2) Harrison DD def. 31) Hunter College BL (Ben Laufer) (Gorthey, Roth, Wright)

3) Peninsula AT def. 35) Trinity Prep AR (Arvind Raju) (Evnen, Adler, Choi)

61) University DB def. 29) Hopkins SG (Sam Greenwald) (Millman, McElwain, Yi)

60) Woodlands VM def. 28) Hunter SC (Sarah Cogan) (Tartakovsky, Gorthey , Zhang)

27) SLP LS def. 59) Scarsdale NT (Noah Thaler) (Evnen, Franklin, Lyons)

39) Newark CQ def. 7) Evanston EW (Eric Weine) (Kuang, McElwain, Woods)

8) HW AK def. 40) Scarsdale BU (Ben Ulene) (Tarsney, Kuo, *Yi)

9) Randolph NC def. 24) Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain) (Massey, Adler, Choi)

42) Stony Point RJ def. 55) Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) (Smith, Struver, Tarsney)

22) Palo Alto TC def. 54) Eastside Catholic TD (Tinuola Dada) (Kristof, Ditzian, Parker)

12) La Jolla RP def. 21) Collegiate AO (Andrew O’Donohue) (Tartakovsky, Woods, Zhang)

20) Whitman DM def. 52) SLP DC (Dana Councilman) (Roth, Millman, *Sprung-Keyser)

14) Lexington PC def. 19) Marucs LH (Lyndie Ho) (Franklin, Kristof, Parker)

18) Peninsula AJ def. 15) Lexington DA (Dan Alessandro) (Koh, Sprung-Keyser, *Kuang)

17) Hunter DL def. 49) Woodlands AC (Abbey Chapman) (Massey, Liu, Weisberg)



17) Hunter DL def. 32) Scarsdale TC (Tomer Cherki) (Massey, Zhang, *Koh)

2) Harrison DD def. 18) Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan) (*Choi, Alston, Gorthey)

14) Lexington PC def. 3) Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) (Kuang, Woods, *Franklin)

61) University DB def. 20) Whitman DM (Daisy Massey) (*Liu, Kristof, Millman)

12) La Jolla RP def. 60) Woodlands VM (Venkatesh Muppaneni) (Tartakovsky, Sprung-Keyser, Weisberg)

27) SLP LS def. 22) Palo Alto TC (Travis Chen) (Evnen, *Adler, Roth)

9) Randolph NC def. 8) HW AK (Annie Kors) (Tarsney, Hom, *Kuo)

39) Newark Science CQ def. 42) Stony Point RJ (Rachana Jadala) (Hertzig, Chao, McElwain)

12) La Jolla RP def. 60) Woodlands VM (Venkatesh Muppaneni) (Tartakovsky, Sprung-Keyser, Weisberg)



17) Hunter DL def. 9) Randolph NC (Nathan Cha) (*Evnen, Adler, Tarsney)

2) Harrison DD def. 39) Newark CQ (Christian Quiroz) (Sprung-Keyser, Choi, Garofalo)

27) SLP LS def. 14) Lexington PC (Preetham Chippada) (Tartakovsky, Reddy, Roth)

61) University DB def. 12) La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (*Zhang, Kristof, Massey)



2) Harrison DD def. 27) SLP LS (Leah Shapiro) (Roth, *Gorthey, Sprung-Keyser)

61) University DB def. 17) Hunter DL (Danny Li) (Zhang, Adler, Kristof)



2) Harrison DD def. 61) University DB (David Branse) (Chernick, Parker, Wexler)



1. Adam Tomasi- Sacred Heart

2. Danny DeBois- Harrison

3. Arjun Tambe- Peninsula

4. Christian Qurioz- Newark Science

5. Eric Weine- Evanston

6. Annie Kors- Harvard Westlake

7. Nathan Cha- Randolph

8. Claire Kueffner- Hopkins

9. Jessica Levy- Walt Whitman

10. Daiya Massac- Bronx Science

11. Ben Ulene- Scarsdale

12. Chris Kymn- Loyola

13. Ram Prasad- La Jolla

14. Nikhil Nandu- Lake Highland

15. Preetham Chippada- Lexington

16. Charlie Blatt- Scarsdale

17. Rachana Jadala- Stony Point

18. Dan Alessandro- Lexington

19. Daniel Lufty- Timothy Christian

20. Beatriz Almeida- Harrison

21. Sarah Ryan- Harrison

22. John Staunton- Bronx Science

23. Akhil Jalan- Peninsula

24. Lyndie Ho- Marcus

25. Danny Li- Hunter College

  • Charlie Blatt

    Massive congrats to Tomer Cherki on his first bid. While he can’t complete the qual this year, if his doubles win is any indication of what’s to come, the circuit should prepare itself for his reign of terror in 2014-2015.

    Also, Danny Li is a beast.

    • Mathew Pregasen

      #terrortalk #gofortheK

  • BenjaminKoh

    I’m aware that this tournament is big and that it’s somewhat late when Triples were to start. However, is there any good explanation for why Harvard would single flight triples? Teams are paying a TON of money to be at this tournament, and I don’t understand why Harvard isn’t up to do something as reasonable and typical as double-flighting the triples round.

    Doing the pref sheet was extremely difficult due to the number of judges without paradigms- and at a tournament like this and of this size it’s understandable, albeit frustrating. However, why would Harvard ignore this factor and give extremely low preference panels because they want to single flight the biggest outround of all? A 6-0 dropped (and maybe there more but I’ve yet to check) on a 2-1 with a panel with only 1 judge that was a 1 or a 2. We got judges that we would get only get if we were down 3 on all four of my debaters’ triples panels.

    Considering the money and the weight of this tournament- this is ridiculous. I don’t understand why Harvard would then double-flight the doubles round tomorrow. Is a highly preffed all of a sudden important past the first outround? Just double flight it! It’s that easy- the offense of having a late running tournament is not nearly as problematic as an offense like these panels in triples.