Pranav Reddy Wins the 2014 NDCA Championships.

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Ogden, Utah- Congratulations to Harker’s Pranav Reddy and Newark’s Christian Quiroz for reaching the final round of the 2014 NDCA Champions. On a 2-1 decision (*Kuang, Woodhouse, Mackenzie), Pranav was declared the champion. Pranav is coached by Greg Achten, Nikhil Nag, and Ryan Fink. Christian is coached by Jonathan Alston, Elijah Smith, and Chris Randall. Congratulations also to Ram for winning the Dukes and Bailey Cup for season long excellence. Ram is coached by Jeff Liu, Tom Evnen, and Zack Parker.




Peninsula AT

Los Altos SD

Newark Science CQ

La Jolla RP

Trinity Prep MP

Greenhill BE

Greenhill VA

Harker SP

Harker PR



Peninsula AJ


Bronx ID

Meadows SM def. Hunter College SC (Sarah Cogan) (Amestoy, Boyer, Woodhouse)

Peninsula JZ def. HW NS (Nick Steele) (Fink, *Knell, Mackenzie)



HW CC def. Peninsula AT (Arjun Tambe) (*Gappmeyer, Knell, Timmons)

Greenhill VA def. Los Altos SD (Salim Damerdji) (Amestoy, Dailey, Woodhouse)

Newark Science CQ def. Peninsula JZ (James Zhang) (*Amestoy, Hellebuick, Letak)

La Jolla RP def. Bronx Science ID (Isis Davis-Marks) (Graham, Mackenzie, Woodhouse)

Peninsula AJ def. Trinity Prep MP (Mathew Pregasen) (Alderete, Alston, Fink)

HW AK def. Greenhill Be (Bennett Eckert) (Alderete, Fink, *Gappmeyer)

Harker SP def. CPS CL (Charlotte Lawrence) (*Knell, Parker, Timmons)

Harker PR def. Meadows SM (Sabina Manzini) (Graham, Isbell, Kuang)



Harker PR def. HW CC (Cameron Cohen) (Kuang, Amestoy, Boyer)

Newark Science CQ def. Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) (Gappmeyer, *Alderete, Kaczymarek)

Peninsula AJ def. La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad) (*Fink, Gappmeyer, Graham)

HW AK def. Harker SP (Srikar Pyda) (Amestoy, *Boyer, Graham)



Harker PR def. HW AK (Annie Kors) (Amestoy, Gappmeyer, *Woodhouse)

Newark Science CQ def. Peninsula AJ (Akhil Jalan) (Timmons, *Fink, Letak)



Harker PR def. Newark Science CQ (Christian Quiroz) (*Kuang, Mackenzie, Woodhouse)


1) Annie Kors- Harvard Westlake

2) Christian Quiroz- Newark Science

3) Ram Prasad- La Jolla

4) Arjun Tambe- Peninsula

5) Cameron Cohen- Harvard Westlake

6) Akhil Jalan- Peninsula

7) Salim Damerdji- Los Altos

8) Srikar Pyda- Harker

9) Varad Agarwala- Greenhill

10) Pranav Reddy- Harker

11) Isis Davis-Marks- Bronx Science

12) Mathew Pregasen- Trinity Prep

13) Charlotte Lawrence- CPS

14) Thomas Phung- Bingham

15) Sabina Manzini- Meadows

16) Bennett Eckert- Greenhill

17) Jonathan Beavers- St. Thomas

18) Nick Steele- Harvard Westlake

19) David Dosch- John Marshall

20) James Zhang- Peninsula

21) Dan Alessandro- Lexington

22) Mitali Mathur- Greenhill

23) Sierra Inglet- Alta

24) Sarah Cogan- Hunter College

25) John Staunton- Bronx Science

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    TELUGU HEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paras Kumar

    Just wanted to chime in and say its cool to see an all female finals panel at NDCA. It’s been a while since that’s happened and maybe a small sign that debate’s becoming less of a complete sausage fest and we have some retention of female debaters post-graduation

    • bekah boyer

      Special thanks should go to Tim Mahoney and the LD women’s FB group whose hard work to recruit and hire women to judge is evident by the showing at the NDCA tournament. Also, congrats to all competitors! I was able to watch and privileged with judging so many amazing debates!

  • Anon Debater

    Is there any reason why Christian is cut out of the picture now?

    • BenjaminKoh

      It was done out of the request of Newark Science

      • Anon Debater

        Makes sense, thanks.

  • mcgin029

    Was Cyndy Woodhouse at this tournament?

    • mcgin029

      Ah. Probably Allie Woodhouse. Sorry about that, I just had a little bit of a flashback.

  • Anon Debater


    HW CC (aff) def Peninsula AT (Gappmeyer*, Knell, Timmons) (2-1)
    Greenhill VA (neg) def Los Altos SD (Amestoy, Dailey, Woodhouse) (3-0)
    Newark Science CQ (aff) def Peninsula JZ (Amestoy*, Hellebuick, Letak) (2-1)
    La Jolla RP (aff) def Bronx Science ID (Graham, Mackenzie, Woodhouse) (3-0)
    Peninsula AJ (neg) def Trinity Prep MP (Aldrete, Alston, Fink) (3-0)
    HW AK (neg) def Greenhill BE (Alderete, Fink, Gappmeyer*) (2-1)
    Harker SP (neg) def CPS CL (Knell*, Parker, Timmons) (2-1)
    Harker PR (aff) def Meadows SM (Graham, Isbell, Kuang) (3-0)

    Harker PR (neg) def HW CC (Kuang, Amestoy, Boyer) (3-0)
    Newark Science CQ (aff) def Greenhil VA (Gappmeyer, Alderete*, Kaczmarek) (2-1)
    Peninsula AJ (neg) def La Jolla RP (Fink*, Gappmeyer, Graham) (2-1)
    HW AK def (aff) Harker SP (Amestoy, Boyer*, Graham) (2-1)

    Newark Science CQ (aff) def Peninsula AJ (Fink*, Timmons, Letak) (2-1)
    Harker PR (neg) def HW AK (Woodhouse*, Amestoy, Gappmeyer) (2-1)

    Harker PR (neg) def Newark Science CQ (Kuang*, Mackenzie, Woodhouse) (2-1)

    Champion: Harker PR