Reflections on 2013-14: Positive Experiences

Now that the 2013-14 season is winding down, we want to know: What are some of your favorite memories of the season? What will you look back on fondly? What will you take from this season, either personally or as a community?

Please keep this discussion positive. Last year’s thread provided a great example of this, and we hope to continue it going forward.

  • Danny DeBois

    Oh also that time when Julie’s mom called me “f-ing DD” and then told me to like her comment so she knew we were good. that was the start of a beautiful friendship

  • Mathew Pregasen

    1. Chinese food with Yang. I’d be clueless without him.
    2. Jerry getting hit by a truck at Lexington (ask Samantha Hom)
    3. Having a lay round against Dan Alessandro. Dan got the booty that time.
    4. Extempting the AC for lol’s at NDCA
    5. UTAH. SO MUCH UTAH at NDCA. Mountains, flowers, sunshine and all that stuff.
    6. The time when my computer trackpad broke in the middle of the final round of NFL quals and Fred Ditzien jumped to the rescue and gave me his mouse. Fred later left and forgot to take back his mouse. Fred, I still have your mouse.
    7. That one time, sorry two times, when Yang hacked certain debaters facebooks and asked me if Yang was a good coach and other choice questions. Charlotte, never forgiving you for that.

    Debate is awesome.

  • Drew Burd

    I also have already posted the rounds I recorded at

  • BenjaminKoh

    Next week (i.e. after I’m done with finals) I’ll be posting the videos we have (from Drew Burd and Mychl Haress). If anybody has videos they’d like to post to NSD Videos- please message me and let me know

  • Michael Harris


  • s_cabb_valley

    Lucy trying to teach shmikler how to do kartweels after blake and all my time annoying dowling folks and hanging with SLP team

  • Paras Kumar

    ignore adler–urban dictionary is a much better source on this issue.

  • sjadler

    In mathematics, a function is a relation between a set of inputs and a set of ***permissible*** outputs with the property that each input is related to exactly one output. An example is the function that relates each real number x to its square x².

  • TaylorAmey

    My most favorite thing this year was to witness young talent rise this year. This doesn’t just include the youngsters who qualified to the TOC, but those who I debated and/or witnessed in outrounds or just random rounds that I watched. It’s going to be a pleasure judging these folks for the next two years and further down the road.

  • Stephen_Renzi

    When Yogihutt came out of retirement and announced he’s taking his talents to South beach. 30 for 30 currently in production.

  • Leah Danielle Shapiro

    Loved this year generally but here are a few of my favorite memories:

    1. Selfies with Ram. Everywhere. All the time. Even though he wouldn’t coordinate outfits with me 🙁
    2. Ditching lab at VBI and playing mafia…until we went to lab a couple hours later. Then it wasn’t so fun.
    3. Seeing Danny literally sob when he learned the rule to the animal game
    4. Functioning and then running into Haley Amster’s room at like 3 AM while she was sleeping
    5. Gossip circle with the Debate Girls 2014 at TOC. And all the other amazing Debate Girls 2014 memories (ayyy bananagrams)
    6. Ordering sushi every night at CDI and having lab cuddle puddles

    It’s been a great year. I’m really excited to finally coach and judge after my 7 years of competing!

  • Danny DeBois

    There are too many to count, but some of my highlights:

    1. The games we played during VBI (especially mafia during “fun time” and the animal game.) I don’t think I’ll ever forget how I reacted (at 4am) when I found out the secret to the animal game.

    2. Cheesy bread at NSD 🙂

    3. When Ram cradled me in his arms after finals of the Bronx Round Robin

    4. Bonding with my teammates and my new novices at Princeton

    5. When this happened at Harvard:
    Leah: Rammy-doodles!!! (Hugs Ram)
    Ram: You’ve been feeling me up all weekend.

    6. Going to Waffle House after TOC at midnight

    7. And best of all: the function :)))

    Thank you all for a great year. I’m looking forward to staying involved!

  • Ryan Teehan

    Experiencing the legendary Laird Lewis invitational with Nikhil, Sam, Terrance, the rest of the LHP team, and Parth.

    • Sam_Azbel

      a tournament of the highest caliber

      • Mathew Pregasen

        I heard Semis were intense af

  • Dana_Councilman

    My favorite part of debate has always been the sense of community. Whether it’s playing celebrity with my lab at NSD or hanging out with friends at tournaments I’ve always felt like the debate community is a friendly and welcoming place. Maybe because, in order to be a debater, you have to share a fundamental level of nerdiness or simply because by the nature of our activity we’ve learned that we can argue fiercely and still be friends, I can genuinely say I have never been part of such an amazing community.

  • Anon

    Not exactly national circuit related but whatever changed in the administration of the UF Blue Key tournament, props to them. Really pleasant experience.

  • McKay Giller

    At TOC between rounds 6 and 7 when Scoggin, Bob, and Mr. Overing all started making paper airplanes and throwing them around our war room to see who could throw their plane the farthest

  • Jagiggle

    Debating Salim in trips at Berkz was great

    • Salim Damerdji

      Thank you so much Tommy for that experience. Our round really was indelible. I was talking to Bryan Chiou afterwards and we both found it really difficult to go back to debating/judging normal debates.

    • Jessica Xu

      Tommy and Salim – that round was amazing. Watching Tommy read micropol and Salim engage it in such a respectful manner was incredible. I cried. 2nd place for my favorite moment of the season goes to the doubles round at Cal that I judged with Rebar and Smitty. I fogged up that room with a hookah pen. 😀

  • Jacob Nails

    Watching the esteemed Professor Sigalow perform introductions to each tutorial at the Barkley Forum.

    [0:00 – 0:48]

    Debate won’t be the same without you next year, Martin.

    • Martin Sigalow

      I’ll still be Emory tournament-ing next year tho, so still totally going to over-announce every Sunday elim round like it’s my job, which it is.

  • MassacD

    Adam Tomasi’s rap battles
    with various members of the debate community and talking to Griffin Lee
    Miller and the rest of the bronx army about random stuff from
    Baudrillard to Object oriented ontology. Man, haven’t even graduated yet
    and this post hit me with nostalgia. Thanks to all who contributed to making debate such a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me! <3

    • BenjaminKoh

      That ontology
      I hear it should be flat

  • Achal Srinivasan

    Learning how to play “odds are”

    • sjadler

      Damn right you did:

    • Mathew Pregasen

      Poor Jacob Nails. His leftover spaghetti was victimized.

      • Jacob Nails

        Do I even want to know?

  • UnfinishedSentenc

    Learning how to play “odds are”

  • sjadler

    Learning the game “odds are.” Also, a certain debater climbing into a Harvard garbage can and being wheeled around the cafeteria.

  • Richard Dunn

    Going to my first national circuit tournament, and also discovering this website!

  • Dhruv Walia

    Travis Chen squatting in his hotel room the night before VBT instead of prepping

    • Salim Damerdji

      He couldn’t even bench press a single rep