Shrey Desai Wins JV Western Champs

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Oakland, CA- Congratulations to Saratoga’s Shrey Desai for defeating Palo Alto’s Anant Marur to win the 2014 JV Western Championships (NSD is still waiting for novice results). Shrey is coached by Chris Harris, Steve Clemmons, Erick Rector, and Shivane Sabharwal. Anant is coached by Jennie Savage, Alex Carter, Matt Delateur, Alex Kennedy, Elana Leone, and Jackie Rossiter.




Saratoga SD def. Harker ML (Mathew Lee) (Carter, Delateur, Rossiter)
San Marino KW def. Palo Alto GC (Griffin Carlson) (Torson, Pyda, *Hunt)
Palo Alto AM def. San Marino AL (Audrey Lam) Alderete, Bower, Pyda)
Palo Alto AL def. Harker MS (Manan Shah) (Bower, Alderete, Lawrence)



Saratoga SD def. Palo Alto AL (Anna Lu) (Lawrence, Necula, Manzini

Palo Alto AM def. San Marino KW (Kirk Wu) (Torson, Bower, *Pyda)



Saratoga SD def. Palo Alto AM (Anant Marur) (Bower, Lawrence, Yamasaki)



  • Sam_Azbel

    Yo i debated Shrey in the 5-1 round at Berkeley this year and was extremely impressed with him! Congrats on the win! You got a great future ahead of you in debate!

    • Shrey Desai

      thanks sam!!

  • nimskyalive

    some mistakes:
    San Marino KW def. Palo Alto GC, Kate Hunt sat
    Palo Alto AM def. San Marino AL (Audrey Lam)

    also misspelled Saratoga in finals

  • nimskyalive

    shrey is an extremely hard worker he deserves this so much. i have seen him prepping so hard for all tournaments and he has had a wonderful season from clearing at his first circuit tournament to also clearing at stanford and cal. and he hardly has coaching and an extremely nice person. go shrey!

    • Rebar Niemi

      Uh Chris Harris is definitely more than hardly having a coach. Shout out to Chris Harris, who is awesome.