Hutt Up or Shut Up E3- Nov/Dec Topic Analysis- Terrence Lonam and Ben Koh

This is episode 3 of Hutt Up or Shut Up starring Sam Azbel and Paul Zhou! Joined by guests Terrence Lonam, Associate Director of the National Symposium for Debate, and Ben Koh, Director of NSD Northeast, they discuss the 2016 Nov/Dec Topic: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers. Additionally, they play the first episode of Stump Sam, a debate trivia game!

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  • Aru Singh

    hi guys — first, fantastic podcast, it really explained a lot.

    But I am also a bit iffy on interpreting “limit” such that it excludes 0 being the limit. If I were to ask a simple question like, “what is the legal limit for the BAC of a minor pulled over while driving”, won’t that immediately reinforce the idea that 0 is included in the definition of limit? Or is that too simplistic of an approach?