NSD Relays: Daniel to Matt

New week and the relay is still running! Friday was Ari to Daniel…

On Monday, Daniel Shahab Diaz passed the baton to Matthew Chen!

“My time working with Matt has grown from strict coaching to becoming close friends in less than a season. One of my best debate memories comes from working with Matt during office hours before my senior year. The first day that I did drills with him, I was in awe of his precise and accurate critiques after I did a drill responding to the Crash Aff from JF18. He perfectly isolated my technical problems that I knew existed but couldn’t pinpoint exactly. After that, I worked with him as much as possible to perfect my 2ARs on theory, learn Afropessimism, and respond to niche arguments. Those couple of drills led me to ask him to coach me for the season, which was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my debate career. I can’t wait to work with NSD staff just like him and teach students the things that he has taught me.”

Daniel Shahab Diaz

Check us out on Wednesday to see who Matt passes the baton to!

Jayanne Forrest