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David Branse wins Harvard Snowpocalypse Edition

David Branse of University School is the champion of a Harvard Invitational that was abbreviated by yet another devastating northeast snowstorm. With the second day of competition canceled by the snow, Harvard broke to a full triple octo based on the first four rounds of competition, making the best of …

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Full Berkeley results: Newark Science closes out

UPDATE: Full Berkeley results Newark Science capped an amazing weekend with a three-student close out (Newark had 3 of the 4 semifinalists). On coach’s decision, Christian Quiroz advanced over Adegoke Fakorede in semis, while Sunhee Simon defeated Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert to reach the co-championship. The season of close-outs continues! Berkeley …

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PV Peninsula closes out Stanford

Akhil Jalan and Arjun Tambe, of Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, closed out the final round of the 2015 Stanford Invitational. Congrats to both debaters. It has been a season of close-outs, suggesting a fiercely competitive Tournament of Champions. Congrats to the Stanford competitors and good luck to all on …

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Bennett Eckert of Greenhill Champs Colleyville

Colleyville, TX UPDATE: Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert is the champion of the 2015 edition of teh Colleyville Heritage Winter Invitational. Congrats to Greenhill’s students and coaches, who are having an excellent month! Full results: OCTOFINALS Greenhill BE defeats Liberty Christian BS (Breann Smith) Law Magnet DD defeats Flower Mound AA (Amany …

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Varad Agarwala of Greenhill is the Emory champion

Atlanta, GA Update: On a 4-1 decision, Varad Agarwala of Greenhill defeated Akhil Jalan of PV Peninsula to become the 2015 Emory champion. Congratulations to both debaters and their coaches!   NSD Update is pleased to find itself in sunny Atlanta, Georgia for the Barkley Forum for High School Students …

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Annie Gersh Wins 2014 Alta Silver and Black Invitational

Salt Lake City, UT – Annie Gersh of Marlborough defeated Harvard Westlake’s Connor Engel on a 2-1 decision to win the 2014 Alta Silver and Black Invitational. Alta is a quarterfinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Congratulations to all! Doubles San Marino NL def Meadows AT Crossroads NS def Winter …

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Pranav Reddy Wins 2014 Glenbrooks

Source: http://www.arubinow.com/assets/images/GBN_LOGO.gif

Northbrook, IL – Pranav Reddy (Harker) defeated Jackson Lallas (Brentwood) on a 2-1 decision in the final round of the 2014 Glenbrooks Tournament. The Glenbrooks is an octafinals bid qualifier to the 2015 TOC in LD. Congratulations to all! Doubles Peninsula AT def Strake SM 3-0 (Cha, Roberts, Shmikler) Newark …

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Bronx Science and Newark Science Co-Champ Bump

Contratulations to Isis Davis-Marks of Bronx Science and Adegoke Fakorede of Newark Science for their co-championship of the Malcolm A. Bump Memorial Tournament at Hendrick Hudson High School in New York. Isis is coached by Jon Cruz, Abhi Elisetty, Nathan Cha, and Zack Struver. Adegoke is coached by Jonathan Alston, Chris Randall, …

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Rebecca Gelfer Wins First Annual Minneapple Round Robin

Apple Valley, MN – Congratulations to Clement’s Rebecca Gelfer for defeating Adam Tomasi of Sacred Heart in the final round of the first annual Minneapple Round Robin on a 2-1 decision! Semifinals Adam Tomasi defeats David Branse (Bentley, Randall, Spence) Rebecca Gelfer defeats Anthony Tohme (Devore, Hom, E. Smith) Finals Rebecca Gelfer …

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Arjun Tambe Wins 2014 Damus Hollywood Invitational

Source: http://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/09/23/13/37/hollywood-185245_640.jpg

Studio City, CA – Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe has defeated Brentwood’s Micah Rosen on a 3-0 decision at the 2014 Damus Hollywood Invitational. Congratulations to both finalists and their coaches on receiving bids at this finals bid qualifier for the 2015 TOC in LD! Arjun is coached by Chris Theis and Scott …

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Scarsdale’s Michael Bogaty wins 2014 Minneapple

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/Red_Apple.jpg

Apple Valley, MN – Congratulations for Michael Bogaty of Scarsdale High School for his 2-1 victory over Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert in the final round at the 2014 Minneapple Tournament. The Minneapple is an octafinals bid qualifier to the 2015 Tournament of Champions in LD. Doubles Greenhill BE def Walt Whitman MR …

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Varun Bhave Wins the 2014 Meadows Invitational

Source: http://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2013/02/28/11/08/las-vegas-86786_640.jpg

Las Vegas, NV – Varun Bhave of Torrey Pines defeated Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert on a 2-1 decision to win the 2014 Meadows Invitational. Congratulations to both finalists, as well as their coaches. Varun is coached by Marshall Thompson, while Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Josh Roberts, and Rebecca …

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Trent Gilbert wins Iowa Caucus

Cedar Rapids, IA Valley High School’s Trent Gilbert defeated Barrington High School’s Sienna Nordquist to win the 2014 Iowa Caucus tournament, hosted by Cedar Rapids Washington High School. Trent is coached by Christian Tarsney, Lucy Korsakov and Leah Shapiro. Sienna is coached by Brian Denesha and Taylor Amey. Full results: …

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Amos Jeng Wins Capitol Beltway Fall Classic at Walt Whitman

Bethesda, MD- Byram Hills’ Amos Jeng defeated Independent Jake Steirn in finals of the Capitol Beltway Fall Classic at Walt Whitman.   Amos is coached by Benjamin Koh, Young Coach Doug (Ben Ulene), and Janna White.  Jake is coached by Megan Loden, Grant Reiter, Bob Overing, Robbie Steirn, Martin Sigalow, Nick …

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