Lucas Smith Wins the 2013 Vassar Classic

























Poughkeepsie, NY- Congratulations to Monticello’s Lucas Smith for defeating Bronx Science’s Isis Davis- Marks on a 2-1 decision (Koh, Curtis, *Opperman) to win the 2013 Vassar Classic. Lucas is coached by Christie Bendi, David Joannides, and Rose Joyce Turner. Isis is coached by Jon Cruz, Matt Dunay, Abhi Elisetty, and Zack Struver.


Full results will be posted once released 


Monticello LS def. Bronx DR (Diganta Rashad) (Caruthers, Kuzmenko, *Opperman)

Bronx JS def. Monticello DT (Dustin Thomas) (Koh, Curtis, *Gichan)

Bronx CL and Bronx ND

Bronx ID and Bronx MA



Monticello LS def. Bronx JS (John Staunton) (Opperman, Kuzmenko, *Koh)



Monticello LS def. Bronx ID (Isis Davis-Marks) (Koh, Curtis, *Opperman)