Varun Bhave wins The New York City Invitational


Brentwood MR vs Newark Science AF (Elisetty, Dunay, DeBois) Walt Whitman SCa vs Lake Highland RS (Legried, Traber, Prasad) Grapevine AY vs Brentwood JC (Traber, Koh, Tarsney) Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches NV vs WDM Valley GS (Thaler, Cha, … Continued


David Branse Wins the 2014 Bronx Round Robin

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New York, New York-Congratulations to University’s David Branse on defeating Sacred Heart’s Adam Tomasi to win the 2014 Bronx Round Robin. David is coached by Zach Prax, Tom Evnen, and Grant Reiter. Adam is coached by Jacob Nails. The Levinson™ … Continued


6 Key Strategies Against Paragraph Theory


by Sam Natbony Today’s abuse is often caused by theory itself rather than traditionally abusive arguments such as a prioris and skepticism. Paragraph theory arguments have become prevalent in affirmative cases where debaters load cases with theoretical specifications that constrain … Continued


Varun Bhave Wins 2014 Voices Invitational


San Jose, CA – Congratulations to Del Mar’s Varun Bhave for defeating Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele to win the 2014 to Voices Invitational. Voices is a quarterfinals bid to the Tournament of Champions. Varun is coached by Marshall Thompson. Nick is coached … Continued


David Branse Wins the 2014 Crestian Tradition


Weston, Fl – Congratulations to University’s David Branse for defeating LAMP’s Ruchir Rastogi to win the 2014 Crestian Tradition. David is coached by Zach Prax, Tom Evnen, and Grant Reiter. Ruchir is coached by Chris Colvin, Nitin Rastogi, and Grant … Continued


Jake Steirn Wins the 2014 Crestian RR

Jake Steirn Wins Crestian RR

Weston, Fl – Congratulations to Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn for defeating University’s Alejandro Frydman to win the 2014 Crestian Round Robin. Jake is coached by Megan West, Grant Reiter, Bob Overing, Robbie Steirn, Mike Fried, Martin Sigalow, Tim West, Ben Miller, … Continued