NSDA LD Topics for 2014-2015 Released


Update 6/18/14 The NSDA LD Wording Committee has confirmed the topics for the 2014-2015 season below. This list will begin to be used starting in November. 1. The “right to be forgotten” from internet searches ought to be a civil … Continued


Danny DeBois Wins the 2014 NCFL


Congratulations to Harrison’s Danny DeBois and Scarsdale’s Rahul Gosain for reaching the final round of the 2014 National Catholic Forensics League Tournament. On a 4-1 decision, Danny was declared the champion. Danny is the 2nd debater in history to win … Continued


NSD Exchange is Back


Back by popular demand: NSD Exchange, where members of the debate community can connect about judging and coaching jobs. Feel free to post if you are either looking to find a judge/coach, or if you are a willing judge/coach and … Continued