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Jack Wareham Wins the 2016 Loyola Invitational

Photo credits to LADI

Los Angeles, CA- Congratulations to Oakwood’s Jack Wareham and La Canada’s Alex Zhao for making it to the final round of the 2016 Loyola Invitational. Jack was declared the champion. Congrats to both! Jack is coached by Sergio Martinez. Alex is coached by Scott Wheeler, Arjun Tambe, Marcel Roman, Akhil …

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Raffi Piliero Wins the Byram Hills Invitational 2016


Armonk, NY- Congratulations to Harrison’s Raffi Piliero and Success Academy’s Sekou Cisse for making it to the final round of the 2016 Byram Hills Invitational. On a 3-0 decision (Chace, Alston, Staunton), Raffi was declared the champion. Congratulations to both! Raffi is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz, and Bennett …

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Greenhill’s Shruthi Krishnan Wins the Grapevine Classic


Grapevine, TX- Congratulations to Woodland College Park’s Jessica Zhang and Greenhill’s Shruthi Krishnan for making it to the final round of the 2016 Grapevine Classic. On a 2-1 decision (Wright, Hsun, *McConway), Shruthi was declared the champion. Congrats to both!   Doubles 1) Strake Jesuit RC def. (32) Kinkaid VL …

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Katherine Fennell Wins the 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin


Armonk, NY– Congratulations to Harrison’s Matt Zinman and Stuyvesant’s Katherine Fennell to making it to the Final Round of the 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin! On a 2-1 Decision (Crucilla, Rashed, *Student Vote), Katherine was declared the victor. Congratulations to both! Katherine is coached by Paul Zhou, Paras Kumar, Ananth Panchanadam, …

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Byram Hills 2016 Round Robin Pods Released


Armonk, NY- Peter Cancro, Zach Frieden, and Sam Azbel have released the pods for the 2016 Byram Hills Round Robin taking place Friday, September 9th. Check them out below! Congratulations to all invited and good luck to those competing!   The Azbel Pod Sekou Cisse- Success Academy Aram Moghhaddassi- Syosset …

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Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing Wins the 2016 NSD Camp Tournament

camp tournament finals

Congratulations to Lake Highlands Muhammad Khattak and Scarsdale’s Zoe Ewing on making it to finals of the camp tournament. The decision was a 2-1 for the negative, Zoe (Castillo, Caldera, Shapiro*).   Double-Octafinals (1) David Min def. (32) Manasi Singh (Corder, Singh, Traber) (2) Xavier Roberts-Gaal def. (31) Charles Li …

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NSD 2016 Flagship Week 2


Minneapolis, MN- The NSD 2016 Flagship session continues into its second week! Students have been working daily with their mentors in focused 1 staff to 3-4 student groups in addition to their lab work. Additionally, students and staff have been enjoying the NSD Snapchat nsdebate. Add us on snapchat for daily updates, …

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The NSD 2016 Flagship Session Begins!


Minneapolis, MN- The National Symposium for Debate began its 2016 Flagship session at the University of Minnesota on Sunday, July 18th. Check out some photos from the first two days below and make sure to check us out on Facebook for updates throughout the 3 weeks!

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Aysha Hafiz Wins the 1st NSD Northeast Camp Tournament!


Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania- Congratulations to Marie-Rose Sheinerman and Aysha Hafiz for reaching the final round of the NSD Northeast Camp Tournament! On a 5-0 decision, Aysha Hafiz was declared champion. Congratulations to all!   Quarterfinals (1) Aysha Hafiz def. (8) Stephen Alessandro (Thompson, Lee, *Wurm) (2) Marie-Rose Sheinerman def. (7) …

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Topic Analysis for NSD Flagship


Almost every member of the staff member at NSD flagship and NSD Texas contributed to this topic analysis either directly or indirectly. Special shoutouts to Alex Yoakum, Carolyn Lau, Sean McCormick, Sophia Caldera, and Mark Gorthey for direct contributions and helping to organize everyone’s ideas. Resolved: The United States ought …

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The NSD Flagship Topic is Housing!


We are pleased to announce that the topic that we are going to debate at the NSD Flagship Institute is: Resolved: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing. Students should feel free to begin doing research and casing on the topic if they wish, but should keep in …

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Official 2016-2017 LD Topic List


1. Resolved: The United States ought to become party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 2. Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers. 3. Resolved: A just government ought to prioritize civil liberties over national security. 4. Resolved: The United States ought …

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