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Newark’s Amit Kukreja wins the Newark Round Robin


Congratulations to Newark Science’s Amit Kukreja for winning the 2016 Newark Round Robin! In finals, Amit debated Success Academy’s Sekou Cisse on a 5-0 decision (Cerf,Gosain,Rung,Boussayoud, Curry). Amit is coached by Chris Randall and Jonathan Alston. Sekou is coached by Joshua Wurzman, Chris Vincent, and Carolyn Lau. More information about …

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Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor wins the Sunvite Round Robin

Sunvite RR Finals (3)

Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor and Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn for making it to finals of the Sunvitational Round Robin. Neal defeated Jake on a 5-0  decision (Evnen, Castillo, Li, Jeng, Student Vote [Ronkin*]). Neal is coached by  George Clemens, Terrence Lonam, Martin Sigalow, Becca Traber, Joseph Millman, Fred Ditzian, …

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Valley’s Gilbert and Scarsdale’s Zipursky final at Blake


Minneapolis, MN – Valley’s Trent Gilbert and Scarsdale’s Gillian Zipursky have made it to the final round of the 2015 Edie Holiday Debate Tournament hosted by The Blake School. Due to travel constraints, the final round was not held, so Gilbert and Zipursky emerge as co-champions. Trent is coached by …

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Strake’s Sean McCormick takes the Strake Round Robin

Strake RR Finals

Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Sean McCormick and Clements’ Felix Tan for making it to finals of the Strake Jesuit Round Robin. Sean defeated Felix on a 2-1 decision (Yerneni, Vincent, Evnen*). Sean is coached by Jerry Crist while Felix is coached by Renita Johnson.

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Clements’ Felix Tan Wins the Strake Jesuit Debate Tournament

strake finals

Congratulations to Clements’ Felix Tan and Woodlands College Park’s Venkatesh Muppaneni for making it to finals of the Strake Jesuit Debate Tournament. Felix defeated Venkatesh on 2-1 decision (Wright, Sullivan*, Yoakum).  Venkatesh is coached by Kathy Cook and Felix is coached by Renita Johnson.   Here are the full results …

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Strake Round Robin Field Announced

Strake Logo (3)

The following students will be competing at the First Strake Jesuit Round Robin: Cedar Park – Morgan Grosch Clements Independent – Felix Tan Cy-Fair – Cameron McConway Dulles – Nolan Burdett Kinkaid – Jason Yang Law Magnet – Dino De La O Liberty Christian – Breann Smith Montgomery – Whitley …

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Millard North’s Grant Brown wins Dowling


West Des Moinea, Iowa – Grant Brown of Millard North High School defeated Trent Gilbert of Valley High School to win the 2015 Dowling Paradigm in varsity LD. Grant is coached by Lauren Burdt and Aarron Schurevich. Trent is coached by Christian Tarsney, Leah Shapiro, Isis Davis-Marks and Dave McGinnis. …

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Ashish Wadhwani wins Isidore Newman

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.31.25 AM

Congratulations to Benjamin Franklin’s Sean Fahey and Sugar Land Independent’s (Dulles) Ashish Wadhwani for reaching finals of the 2015 Isidore Newman Invitational. Ashish defeated Sean on a 3-2 decision (Randall*, Vincent, Klueffner, Lonam*, Beard). Sean is coached by Adam Tomasi and Jon Melancon and Ashish is coached by Sarah Cleveland, Rodrigo Paramo, John …

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Announcing NSD 2016!

The National Symposium for Debate is pleased to announce an exciting new slate of camp offerings for the summer of 2016. This summer, our flagship institute at the University of Minnesota will feature a new three week curriculum. In addition to our flagship institute, NSD will also offer two regionally …

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Scarsdale Closes out Princeton


Congratulations to Scarsdale’s Zack Gelles and Zoe Ewing on closing out finals of the 2015 Princeton Classic Debate Tournament. Both debaters are coached by Rahul Gosain, Joe Vaughan and Mark Gorthey. Full results can be found here:

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Alta Results

Alta and HWL

Congratulations to Indu Pandey and Connor Engel of Harvard-Westlake for closing out the 2015 Alta Silver and Black Invitational. Indu and Connor are coached by Steve Knell, Shania Hunt, and Travis Fife.

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Strake Jesuit’s Sean McCormick wins UT


Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Sean McCormick and Dulles’ Nolan Burdett for making finals of the 2015 Longhorn Classic at the University of Texas. Sean defeated Nolan on a 2-1 decision (James, Krause, Rudolph*). Sean is coached by Jerry Crist, Murvin Auzenne and Chris Castillo while Nolan is coached by Sarah …

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Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert wins Glenbrooks

Glenbrooks Logo

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert and Harrison’s Sarah Ryan on making finals of the 2015 Glenbrook Speech & Debate Tournament. Bennett defeated Sarah on a 3-0 decision (Pak, Taylor, Fakorede). Sarah is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Christian Quiroz and Marshall Thompson and Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, and …

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