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Valley’s Danielle Reyes Wins Harvard!


Congratulations to Valley’s Danielle Reyes for winning the 2016 Harvard Invitational. In finals, Danielle defeated Cambridge’s Oliver Sussman on a 2-1 decision (DeBois, Kim*, Stevens). Oliver is coached by Bob Overing and Mathew Pregasen, Danielle is coached by Isis Davis-Marks, Christian Tarsney, Leah Shapiro, and Dave McGinnis. Results: Triples (1) …

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NSD 2016 Initial Faculty Hires

nsd 2016 featuredi mage

Below is our first round of faculty announcements for NSD 2016! Additional faculty will be announced here in the near future. We endeavor to hold ourselves to a high standard of accuracy for the faculty that we have announced below: everyone we list has given us meaningful confirmation that they are …

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Greenhill’s Graham Baker Takes Emory

Emory Finalists

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Graham Baker and Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele for making it to finals of the Barkley Forum for High Schools at Emory University. Graham defeated Nick on a 3-2 decision (Malis, Bearden, Lingel, Boyd, Jordan). Graham is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, and Chris Randall while Nick is …

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MVLA’s Derek Zhang wins Stanford!

stanford finalist

Congratulations to Derek Zhang for winning the 2016 Stanford University National Invitational. In finals, Derek bested Mission San Jose’s Shivane Sabharwal on a 2-1 decision (Rastogi, Lonam, Taylor*). Derek is coached by Salim Damerdji and Tinuola Dada. Shivane is coached by Tom Kadie and Michael Harris.

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Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor Takes Lexington


Congratulations to Lake Highland’s Neal Kapoor for winning the 2016 Lexington Winter Invitational! In finals, Neal defeated Millburn’s Wesley Hu on a 3-0 decision. Neal is coached by George Clemens, Terrence Lonam, Martin Sigalow, Becca Traber, Joseph Millman, Fred Ditzian, Michael Bogaty and Sam Azbel. Wesley is coached by Nathan Cha, Samantha Hom, …

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An Argument Against the States CP by Salim Damerdji


An Argument Against the States CP In this article I’d like to expand on an argument made by JP Lacy in 2009[1]: There is no entity with the power to decide between state & federal action…. Why do we need to get further into educational or fairness concerns? The choice …

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Harvard Looking For Hired Judges


If you are interested in judging at the Harvard tournament this year (February 13th-15th), please send an email to: with the following information: Subject line: JUDGE FOR (event that you are interested in judging: CX, LD, PF, Congress) Name Email Cell Phone Number (and carrier, in case we need …

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Strake’s Sean McCormick is the Sunvite Champion

sunvite finals

Congratulations to Strake Jesuit’s Sean McCormick and Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn on making it to finals of the 2016 Sunvitational. Sean defeated Jake on a 2-1 decision (Evnen, Gorthey, Jeng*). Sean is coached by Jerry Crist, Murvin Auzenne and Chris Castillo while Jake is coached by Megan West, Grant Reiter, Bob …

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Law Magnet’s Dino De La O takes University of Houston


Congratulations to Law Magnet’s Dino De La O for winning the University of Houston debate tournament! In finals, Dino defeated Plano East’s Aimun Khan on a 3-0 decision. Dino is coached by Kris Wright, Martin Sigalow, and Eric Melin. Aimun is coached by Shomik Ati, Jacob Koshak, and Dylan Cavanaugh. Full …

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Kingwood’s Reese Grayson Wins Churchill

churchill logo_clean-website_bkgnd

Congratulations to Kingwood’s Reese Grayson for winning the 2016 Churchill Invitational! In finals, Reese defeated Westwood’s Saavan Nanavati. Reese is coached by Cathy Terrace, Andy Stubbs, Chris Vincent, and Audra Langston. Saavan is coached by Rodrigo Paramo and Sunay Nanavati.

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Millburn’s Wesley Hu takes Newark

Newark Finalists

Congratulations to Millburn’s Wesley Hu and Harrison’s Raffi Piliero on making it to finals of the 2016 Newark Invitational. Wesley defeated Raffi on a 5-0 decision (Beretay, Tariq, Mendes, Fakorede, Kukreja). Raffi is coached by Chetan Hertzig, Marshall Thompson,  and Christian Quiroz while Wesley is coached by Nathan Cha, Samantha Hom, and …

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Penn Round Robin PF Application Due Jan 11th

Hey all! Penn For Youth Debate (PFYD) is excited to announce that applications for the Public Forum Round Robin are live! We encourage you to apply to enjoy national level competition and top notch amenities. The Round Robin will be held the day before the Liberty Bell Classic (February 12 …

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Registration is Open for NSD LD 2016!

nsd 2016 featuredi mage

The National Symposium for Debate is pleased to open registration for our LD sessions in the summer of 2016. This summer, NSD brings you a slate of new camp offerings. Our traditional main session will now be our Flagship institute. It will feature a new three week curriculum, and will be …

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