Akhil Gandra Wins 2014 Grapevine Classic


Grapevine, TX – Congratulations to Akhil Gandra (Westwood) and Drew Burd (Westlake) for reaching the finals at the 2014 Grapevine Classic. Akhil defeated Drew on a 2-1 decision (*Sims, Melin, Zhou) to win the tournament. The Grapevine Classic is a semifinals … Continued


Akhil Jalan Wins 2014 Loyola Invitational


Los Angeles- Congratulations to Akhil Jalan (Peninsula) for advancing over Shivane Sabbarwal (Fremont) at the 2014 Loyola Invitational. Due to Shivane’s early departure, the final round was not debated. Doubles: Los Altos JN vs Meadows MS (Dharani, Harris, Bistagne) Miramonte TK vs Oregon Episcopal … Continued


Lake Highland Closes Out Collegiate Round Robin

Collegiate RR 2014

New York City – Congratulations to Neal Kapoor and Sreya Pinnameneni of Lake Highland Prep, who closed out the final round of the 2014 Collegiate Round Robin. The Round Robin was hosted by Aracelis Biel. Neal and Sreya are coached … Continued


2014 Sept/Oct Topic Analysis


NSD staff members Carlton Bone and Marshall Thompson discuss the 2014 September-October resolution: “A just society ought to presume consent for organ procurement from the deceased.” Click through for the video.


Capitol Beltway Fall Classic Open for Registration


Registration for the Capitol Beltway Fall Classic is now open on tabroom.com. Capitol Classic Debate and the Walt Whitman High School Speech & Debate team cordially invite you to the Capitol Beltway Fall Classic at Walt Whitman. This year’s tournament will … Continued


Coaching Inquiries and Student Evaluations

Screen shot 2012-07-30 at 12.03.23 PM

  Faculty members from NSD 2014 are available for hire as coaches for the forthcoming season. Please contact us at nationalsymposium@gmail.com if you would like to be put in touch with them. Students who attended NSD 2014 should have received … Continued