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Santa Monica’s Rex Evans Champions Apple Valley, Harrison’s Ava Zinman Wins the Round Robin

Congratulations to Santa Monica’s Rex Evans for championing the 2019 Apple Valley Minneapple Tournament. In finals, Rex defeated Success Academy’s Tajaih Robinson on a 3-0 decision (Herrera, Prost...

Cardinal Gibbons’ Roberto Sosa Champions Cypress Bay

Congratulations to Cardinal Gibbons’ Roberto Sosa for championing the 2019 Tradition at Cypress Bay. In finals, Roberto defeated American Heritage Plantation’s Mary Abi-Karam on a 2-1 decision...

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Unsung Hero: Donna Haraway!

Donna Haraway is a postmodern feminist theorist who writes about the intersection of gender, technology, and post humanism. She challenges the rigid dualisms that persist in Western society (ex. self/other, mind/body...

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